Just eat – dircut

A world of comedy inside your cell phone. The beginning of a little series of comedy sketches based on app characters, each with a quite strange personality…  Read More →

Gioco digitale

One a three commercials series. Real people are happy because gambling makes them win a lot!!! They sing like soccer fans to celebrate victory…  Read More →

Cialdamia coffee

To each his own coffee … but be careful not to mix them up!!!  Read More →


Viral shot on the street. A double meaning festival…  Read More →

Nonsolomoda 2010-2011

Valeria Billello’s Nonsolomoda edition was based on the principle of fashion photo shoot. Each single sequence was filmed hand held and with special swing and shift lenses. The camera was Canon 5D. The talent’s classy and fresh attitude was giving the show a very cool and “confidential” approach with the audience.  Read More →

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