Nestlè Ramadan

One of a series of commercials for all Ramadan countries.  Read More →


Mums can be seen in so many different ways!  Read More →

Save the children

Social campaign against cultural “poverty”… A very “western” problem. Kids should be invited to elaborate their own experiences by having more visual and intellectual incentives. It is our parental responsibility…  Read More →


No matter what… We are always connected one another!  Read More →


Give life to your dreams!  Read More →

Sky Mgm

A typical family situation…  Read More →

Just eat – dircut

A world of comedy inside your cell phone. The beginning of a little series of comedy sketches based on app characters, each with a quite strange personality…  Read More →

Gioco digitale

One a three commercials series. Real people are happy because gambling makes them win a lot!!! They sing like soccer fans to celebrate victory…  Read More →

Basta poco – Feature film

  “Basta poco” is a pure comedy feature film. It was released in theatres on the 30th of April 2015 . It is an original point of view on how anyone could be happy in these times of global crisis. But is happiness an illusion? Where lies the truth? Get the dvd or download the movie and see!   “Basta poco” on IMDB  Read More →

Braun wife

Have you ever lost your face? One of 3 “innovative” commercials. Check them out on Vimeo.  Read More →

ING bank

A cute children’ wishes story that may come true…  Read More →


Never give up especially if someone is backing you up.  Read More →

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