Lost in translation!  Read More →

Settimana Enigmistica

One of a series of fast slapstick comedy films.  Read More →

Juve and other soccer stories.

One of a series of funny virals. What are the Italian champions really doing? And then… Enjoy also some virals with other teams members.  Read More →

Sky Mgm

A typical family situation…  Read More →

Sky – MGM part 2

Second episode of the Sky family “saga”… A chip off the old block!  Read More →

Cialdamia coffee

To each his own coffee … but be careful not to mix them up!!!  Read More →

Citroen stars

Nice costume!  Read More →


Viral films with some invisible special fx.  Read More →

Luna oil

This film is a classic I will always love… It is like buying a pair of Church shoes, they never wear out…  Read More →

Boy Boing

The Boing channel project was a funny one! The idea was to realize 20 tv ident promos based on a character existing only on paper. Childish but very streetwise Boy Boing has come to life pretty well and with a very peculiar attitude… Mission accomplished!  Read More →

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