Save the children

Social campaign against cultural “poverty”… A very “western” problem. Kids should be invited to elaborate their own experiences by having more visual and intellectual incentives. It is our parental responsibility…  Read More →


No matter what… We are always connected one another!  Read More →

Braun wife

Have you ever lost your face? One of 3 “innovative” commercials. Check them out on Vimeo.  Read More →


One of a series of commercials where tradition mixes with a modern docu-look.  Read More →

X-factor surroundings

These are some X-factor related projects commissioned by Sky tv I worked on, either as director or as scriptwriter. This music video I directed for “I Moderni” (another talent group that won a place in the spectators hearts) has become opening sequence for a Sky sport program on the London 2012 Olympics. These stills refer to the 2011-2012 edition short documentaries on X factor potential candidates and their dreams, as well as the long retrospective... Read More

Dailies – Documentary

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