Nestlè Ramadan

One of a series of commercials for all Ramadan countries.  Read More →

Fear for nobody – Maneskin

This video collected more than 1’700’000 clicks on youtube in less than a month from its airing. Thanks to the wonderful and talented band!  Read More →

Tim young 30″ (Qwerty dir.)

Rock band Maneskin starring in a nice mix between music video and commercial. This project was realized for one of the biggest mobile phone providers in Italy.  Read More →


Mums can be seen in so many different ways!  Read More →


Lost in translation!  Read More →


No matter what… We are always connected one another!  Read More →

Just eat – dircut

A world of comedy inside your cell phone. The beginning of a little series of comedy sketches based on app characters, each with a quite strange personality…  Read More →

Gioco digitale

One a three commercials series. Real people are happy because gambling makes them win a lot!!! They sing like soccer fans to celebrate victory…  Read More →

TV Promos

Here are some of the tv promos I shot for Sky tv, Discovery channel and Comedy Central. Among them a couple of Promax and other festivals winners. Enjoy some more stills of other promos…  Read More →

Braun wife

Have you ever lost your face? One of 3 “innovative” commercials. Check them out on Vimeo.  Read More →

Citroen stars

Nice costume!  Read More →

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