Sabahoo Croissant

Freshness trapped inside! One of 3 funny films.  Read More →

Sky Soundbox

The sound that will involve you 360 degrees…  Read More →


Lost in translation!  Read More →

Settimana Enigmistica

One of a series of fast slapstick comedy films.  Read More →

Sky – MGM part 2

Second episode of the Sky family “saga”… A chip off the old block!  Read More →

Basta poco – Feature film

  “Basta poco” is a pure comedy feature film. It was released in theatres on the 30th of April 2015 . It is an original point of view on how anyone could be happy in these times of global crisis. But is happiness an illusion? Where lies the truth? Get the dvd or download the movie and see!   “Basta poco” on IMDB  Read More →

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