NEVERLAKE – Feature film

Never locandina

The original movie poster !
Neverlake is a low budget but “hi-love and care” feature film I shot on Feb 2013.
Produced by Onemorepictures on behalf of RAI Cinema, it is a paranormal thriller set in a dark and mysterious province of Arezzo (Tuscany).
The feature is meant for an international market and therefore realized and shot entirely in English.
The story tells us that nothing is like it appears, ending up on the concept that “horror is nothing but the truth”… If I may add something I’d say that what is scaring in the plot are the unseen things behind…
And they slowly enter your soul filling it with doubts and melancholic thoughts…
Here is the official trailer. Sold in many countries Neverlake’s dark tale is also available on the web.





Daisy Keeping

David Brandon

Joy Tanner

Martin Kashirokov

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